HomeBrewVideos.com Is Now LotsOfHead.com – And It’s Free!


lplogo HomeBrewVideos.com Is Now LotsOfHead.com   And Its Free!Hey guys,

Steve here with a big announcement… over the past few years I’ve been working ever closer to becoming a professional brewer.  Now that I’m just about there, I want to give back to the homebrewing community and make all of the content that was previously available only to paid members of our website completely free for everyone.

I’ve moved all of my premium videos (over 16o) to YouTube and my new website LotsOfHead.com.

We’re building a real community where you can post your own homebrewing and beer-related videos, photos, recipes and much more!

Click here to visit our YouTube channel and be sure to visit LotsOfHead.com and start sharing your stuff!